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The King & The American


Would you look at the time? I'm going back to 1892 to tell you all another story about a certain late King. It's quite the interesting tale. Welcome to Two Temple Place...

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Welcome Home (The King’s Sanatorium)


It's time for another delve into English Edwardian history for The King's Ginger. This time, we're going back to a darker time, when tuberculosis was a scourge. Men, women, children, rich or poor - no one was safe, and a cure was not yet known. But the luckier (and not necessarily wealthier) victims of consumption did have more of a chance, thanks to a state-of-the-art sanatorium that bore the King's name...

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Having a Grape Old Time!


It's about time Fleur took a foray back into the more distant past for a fresh King's Ginger adventure. Luckily enough, she has had one up her sleeve for a few months, ready to unleash on our loyal readers at the most opportune moment! This particular story revolves around sparkling wine (and horses), and what better time to enjoy such things than in the lead up to Valentine's Day? Well, sparkling wine, not horses.

Onto the tale!

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The King Across the Ocean


Hello, and welcome to the return of Fleur’s now-quarterly King's Ginger adventures! Something a little different to kick off, and certainly more far-flung than usual. Fleur found herself in Boston this autumn and took a day to follow in the King's footsteps from around 150 years before. He was treading the path of the American Revolutionaries of almost a century before as well, adding up to an interesting history lesson for those of us who know little about the history of the United States. Join Fleur for the Battle Of Bunker Hill and the King's 1860 Royal Tour of North America!

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