Tasting notes

Bottle of The King's Ginger
Appearance:Seductively golden.
Nose:An instantly warming aroma of ginger, zesty lemon, sherbet and golden syrup.
Palate:Initial sweetness followed by bite of ginger and lemon tart. Deliciously satisfying and warming mouthfeel.
Finish:Lingering and extremely long.

What the papers say

OF COURSE it's not just we who think The King's Ginger is quite an unsurpassable liqueur. Below are just a few of the things that have been said about the old monarch's favourite tipple...

“Opulently and sublimely gingery. It is quite simply the finest of winter warmers and post-prandial digestifs. Best served on the rocks, it is also delicious poured over vanilla ice cream.” Jonathan Ray - The Telegraph
“God it was good. It was like having all my blood replaced with a cocktail of warm ass's milk and pethidine while someone poured hot gingery honey down my throat. Nectar of the gods.” Jeremy Clarkson - The Sunday Times
“Aromatic and citric on the nose.
Fresh and very gingery.” Dave Broom - Spirits writer
“Brilliantly gingery, like liquid stem ginger in a glass.” Jilly Goolden - Sunday Express
“Think of King's Ginger as alcoholic Ready Brek, and you won't be far out. Not in terms of texture, obviously, but as a highly effective form of internal central heating. It's an excellent winter drink that makes a demon hot toddy.” Fiona Beckett - The Guardian
“It has a lively spicy aroma and a powerful ginger kick. It may have warmed the Royal cockles but it can’t have done much for his aim.” Jamie Goode – Sunday Express
“Its gingery magic fortified me and, by the beard of Zeus, it will fortify me again” Neil Ridley – Caskstrength.net